30 Year's of Slave

Channel 4 / Unreported World

Soth Kor
South Korea has one of the most successful economies in the world, so why is it also home to modern day slavery?
Reporter Marcel Theroux and Director Lottie Gammon travel to South Korea, to investigate the growing national scandal which has seen hundreds of modern day slaves, many of whom have learning disabilities and worked for years on a remote island chain. In a moving report, Unreported World meets the victims and family members who thought their loved ones had disappeared and died and visits the islands where the victims worked.
The Sinan archipelago in South Korea’s wild west is home to a thousand islands but only 80 are inhabited. The economy is based on gourmet salt and seaweed, and back breaking labour is needed to harvest it. Over the last year, the authorities have rescued hundreds of trapped, often unpaid workers who fit the UN definition of slaves. Shockingly many have learning disabilities.